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Coppergate International launches F.E.M in Houston

The Forum For Expatriate Management

It is with great pleasure that Coppergate International announces our partnership with The Forum for Expatriate Management. We will be responsible for developing their Houston presence, adding to their existing Chapters including, but not limited to: Atlanta, New York City, Dallas, Chicago, London, Thames Valley (UK), Beijing, and Paris. For Houston’s inaugural meeting, please save the date and time: Tuesday 18th May 2010, 7.30am through to 9am. Venue and registration details to follow.

The inaugural event will include the delivery, by Jennifer Thomas Senior VP of International Assignment Management from Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, of exclusive information from their recently held fourth Relocation Policy Summit.

Additionally, Nigel Ayres Commercial Director of The Forum for Expatriate Management will be joining the meeting to explain more about the benefits of ongoing involvement, sponsorship and membership with this Global Organization. F.E.M is a defined community of Global Mobility specialists from many of the world's leading companies. The membership profile includes senior HR professionals, global operations directors and executive leaders who have to manage the issues of relocating employees on a daily basis.

Managing Director of Coppergate International, Kerrie Wiseman, who will be heading the Chapter activities, commented: “Houston has long been a center for Global businesses. With such a concentration comes an ever growing need for all involved in the Global Mobility sector to have knowledge on what their peers are doing across the Country and Globe.” She continued, “F.E.Ms ethos of inclusivity for all within Global Mobility was what initially attracted me to the organization. With such a cross section of experts within all fields of expatriate management, the opportunities for learning are endless. Once I started to learn more about the direction F.E.M is looking to take from talking with its Founder, Brian Friedman and Commercial Director Nigel, as well as with other existing Chapter Heads, I knew it was something Coppergate International had to be a part of. We look forward to adding huge value to the Global Mobility community with Houston.”

For more details on F.E.M’s inaugural Houston event, please contact

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