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Transferees will never have to worry, wonder or
waste valuable time again.

Their personal Destination Services Consultant will guide the way throughout the relocation.

Wouldn’t it be ideal for a transferee to have a relocation professional at their side? Wouldn’t it be even better if this professional handled ALL of the details and settling in services? Transferees can relax, because that’s just what their Coppergate International Destination Services Consultant will do for them!

Coppergate’s DSC‘s will walk the transferee through the relocation.

  • Meeting before the move
  • Coordinating logistics for a visit
  • Meeting the family at the airport and transporting them to their new home
  • Accompanying the transferee to important destinations
  • Reviewing major decisions
  • In summary, being a friendly, informed person to contact when questions arise

Your DSC is ready to take the stress of relocating out of the transferee’s hands, so that they can focus on the job at hand.

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Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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