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Economic Stimulus for Your Transferees.

Even with the economy beginning to show signs of limping towards the start of a recovery (hurrah!), most people remain heavily focused on their personal finances. Expatriate compensation can be a polarizing subject, with some believing their rewards are too high and others arguing the rewards are justifiable by the upheaval and specific work undertaken by the relocating employee. Whatever your view, in today’s climate your company has an opportunity to provide additional assistance to ensure your employees don’t experience a personal economic downturn at any stage in their assignment.

Coppergate has put together a few ideas on how you can provide an Economic Stimulus for your Transferees:

Offer financial seminars

Many local banks and credit unions provide ongoing seminars, either at their premises or organized in your own offices that will cover multiple financial elements from:

  • initially establishing and building credit,
  • making the most of your pay check,
  • getting the best car deal
  • and more complex investment opportunities to be considered.

Sure, the people providing the seminars would like to earn your business, but the programs themselves are with no obligation, free of charge, and full of great ideas and content that your transferees will benefit from.

Coppergate International works with many such institutions and would be happy to arrange the most appropriate program for you. Just CONTACT US and we’ll take care of it!

Help them avoid the pitfalls

Ultimately, you will not be able to control all of the decisions your relocating employees take in relation to their personal finances in their host location. For example, your company policy might discourage them from purchasing a property as part of your relocation policy. However, if they are going to (as many do despite such discouragement), making sure they go through the process with a reputable realtor, advisor and financial planning is an important element when safeguarding their financial wellbeing.

Other decisions, such as their car purchase or their insurance provider, also have a financial impact on their assignment and should therefore be managed accordingly. If you are not working with a provider such as Coppergate International who takes care of all the elements for you, it is important to undertake your own research on available suppliers and contact them to understand what they can offer to your relocating community. This may just save some headaches (and bills) for your transferees!

Negotiate discounts with local service providers

Every company is looking for ways to increase their customer base, and this can be used to your advantage when negotiating deals that will help your transferees in their new location. If your company does not already do so, take a look at the incentives you believe would be useful to your transferees: cell phone providers, fitness memberships, furniture rental or purchase, car leasing and purchasing, restaurants close to the offices, hair salons... ...the list really is endless! Approach the organizations and have them put some kind of company discount in place for your employees to enjoy. They will thank you for it, and as well as giving your transferees something to enjoy, in a small way you’ll be helping your own local business community get back on its feet. A win, win situation all around!

Imagine a hassle-free relocation, with all of the above and more being taken care of automatically for you. Coppergate International provides relocation services for transferring employees into and around the U.S. and across the globe. Your transferees can stay productive and experience a seamless transition, while your staff knows that Coppergate is handling everything. With Coppergate International, you’ll have nothing to worry about. CONTACT US today.

Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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