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Why I decided to head the Forum for Expatriate Management’s Chapter in Houston

Frankly, I’ve never really been one to extol networking groups per se. Without the right mixture of content and attendees, they simply become a room full of people all vying for each other’s attention. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been there, and done that! And although it may be a slightly crass admission, I don’t believe it’s wrong to acknowledge that whether we are attending on behalf of a company or for ourselves personally, we ultimately do it for self gain or promotion.

So why have I chosen to personally run a Chapter myself? There’s multiple reasons for such a decision: the respect I have for the Founders of FEM, the success they have achieved throughout their 18 months of existence, the inclusivity message they promote, and of course the exposure for Coppergate International amongst our peers and clients. But the one word that truly sums up my decision is “POTENTIAL”.

Potential to be part of a Global Organization bringing together all facets of the Global Mobility Industry

Potential to provide localized HR individual’s access to HRCI accreditation from future meeting content

Potential for HR individuals to have access to global practice from linking up with your peers in other countries around the World

Potential to be involved with the innovative and unique EMMA’s – Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards – taking place at FEM’s Global Mobility Summit in NYC on October 4th.

Potential to steer the next big thing to happen within the Global Mobility Industry in the great City of Houston

So, if you’re like me and want to experience all the potential FEM has to offer, please join me at Houston’s inaugural event. Please REGISTER HERE. I hope to see you.

The Forum for Expatriate Management is a defined community of Global Mobility specialists from many of the world’s leading companies. The membership profile includes senior HR professionals, global operations directors and executive leaders who have to manage the issues of international staff on a daily basis. The range of sectors covered is extensive, including pharmaceutical, finance, petrochemical, defense and retail.

Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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