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Our philosophy is to make sure that each client has a wealth of resources on hand, so that every need they have is met and every question answered.

Personal consultants, city guides, cultural training, social forums. Inspired by our own experiences, Coppergate has developed a rich inventory of resources that will ease the transition of relocating. We offer so much more than a typical relocation package or destination service provider does. With our bank of resources, Coppergate helps to boost transferee satisfaction and productivity levels. Good for your team, good for the family and most of all — good for the transferee.

Read more about each of Coppergate’s resources for you and
your transferees:

Transferee Progress Snapshot: Keep up with your transferee’s progress online.   Destination Services Consultant: The transferee will never be left to worry, wonder or waste valuable time again.
Realty Mangement: Simply put, we make it simple to find a new home.   Relocation Guide: Accessible online 24/7, find answers to every question here.
Spousal Services: The happiness of a spouse can affect the success of a relocation.   Coppergate Connects: Transferees can connect with other transferees through Coppergate Connects.
Cross-Cultural Training: Understanding the culture can make all the difference in a successful relocation.   Trunk Sale: Here, transferees can browse what others couldn’t fit in their trunks, and make it their own.
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