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Coppergate is always available to answer any questions you may have. If your question or answer isn’t found here, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you are an existing client or transferee, remember you can browse the wealth of information that’s available in Coppergate’s Relocation Guide.

For our Transferee FAQ, click here.


How do I order services from Coppergate?

Existing clients can log in to the secure section of our site and initiate services using our relocation tracking software. Coppergate staff will make contact with your transferee within 24 hours of receiving an initiation of services.

New clients can utilize our enquiry form to place an initial enquiry. Or simply call our free phone number 1-866-841-7073 to talk to one of our staff.

Can I customize the support and relocation guide information to reflect company policy?

Absolutely! As an extension of support for your personnel, Coppergate will ensure that all of the content we provide to your transferees is reflective of your company internal policies and procedures. Our foundation of programs take into account the key decisions you’ll be making when deciding upon the support you want to offer your relocating community. From these, we can either utilize the services as they are listed in those programs, or we can add or subtract elements until the program is the perfect fit for you and your relocating community.

We welcome the opportunity to personalize the Relocation Guide literature just for your company – any information you would like to include such as HR policy or specific medical advise, can be formatted and included. This ensures your employees receive the highest level of personal information, and it saves you a job of delivering it yourself!

How long will my transferee have access to a DSC?

The length of time of DSC support varies according to the Coppergate program selected. Our support typically begins pre arrival, into the arrival process and will continue for anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months after their arrival. It is our experience that those first few months post arrival are the most critical to a successful settlement and our programs are built to take in this critical timeframe. DSC’s pro actively contact transferees throughout the program of support.

How early should I request service from Coppergate for a transferee?

Coppergate’s services add value at any point in the relocation, but ideally, we like to have as much pre-arrival counseling time with the transferee as possible. Four weeks before they are due to have a pre-arrival or full arrival trip (whichever comes first) would be our advice for the maximum value to be gained.

Giving our DSC’s access to their transferee as early as possible in the relocation undoubtedly adds the most value. Our DSC’s are able provide assistance with a pre acceptance look-see trip - so that your transferee is able to accept the relocation offer quicker and have the key knowledge to ensure a successful settlement. In our experience having a four week period to counsel prior to arrival means the transferee receives maximum benefit from their Coppergate program.

Can you provide support for the spouse of my transferee?

Yes, we can, and in fact we encourage it! Statistically assignments fail due to family frustrations, rather that job dissatisfaction. Coppergate’s unique approach to spousal support ensures the transferring partner is well looked after and has a direct link to the DSC allocated to the employee. In addition, we can also offer career guidance services to help the spouse re-settle into their career in their new location.

The relocation process involves the entire family and as such so does the level of support we provide.

How will I know when my transferee has completed certain elements of settling in?

As a Coppergate client, you will have 24/7 access to online tracking of your employees’ relocation process. This information will allow you to stay fully up to date, real-time, with the tasks undertaken, and those still outstanding.

Our secure relocation tracking software is available to all our clients as part of the service we provide. Our tailored web based solution allows you to access from any computer your employees relocation success. The content will allow you to understand at a glance the progress of our support and in real time understand the items still to be completed.

Are there any ongoing or additional fees?

Never! Coppergate’s ethos is to offer unlimited support, meaning you will never have additional fees applied within your programs! Once your programs and fees are agreed upon, you can sit back and relax knowing it’s all taken care of within that budget.

My transferee is not fluent in English. Do you have translators?

A number of our staff are multilingual and our Destination Services Manager allocates cases accordingly. Our expatriate community connections allow us to plug a skill gap quickly, and we have extensive experience with transferees where English is not their first language.

My transferee needs housing assistance. Can you help?

Our realty management support affords your transferee a team of professionals that have a proven track record in assisting with relocation real estate needs. We can assist with initial temporary housing, apartment locating and permanent home lease/purchase. We are happy to provide real estate services as part of our program, but equally we are happy to liaise with your chosen realtor network when directed. Housing forms such a large part of the settlement success that counseling on this element will begin at first contact. Our goal is to ensure that every transferee understands the local real estate practice and is well represented at every turn.

What settling in issues will the DSC cover with my transferee?

All of Coppergate’s programs of support offer high levels of service, with all facets of relocation and settlement covered. Take a look at our Regency Care page to experience some of the elements your employees can look forward to.

I have vendors in place that support elements of the relocation process already – how can Coppergate add value?

Our Destination Services support, or Settling-in Services are the best in class. If you are working with vendors that provide some of the support associated with relocation, like temporary housing, household goods transit, or insurance assistance for example, that’s no problem. We can start to provide you with a one-stop shop solution by coordinating and managing those existing vendors, or providing you with new ones where necessary. Coppergate works to provide a much smoother process for you.


I have forgotten my username and password for the Relocation guide online.

No worries, simply follow the “Forgot Password” link.

I need to contact my DSC but have mislaid their phone number.

Contact our free phone number 1-866-841-7073, and we will be happy to provide you with your DSC’s number. If calling outside of US business hours, please select the option for Rebecca Matheus, our Destination Services Manager, from the phone tree and leave a message that you are looking for your DSCs contact details. She will either contact you with the appropriate number, or will reach out to your DSC and have them contact you directly.

My company does not provide support for settling-in. Can I employ Coppergate myself?

Of course you can! We’d be delighted to help you. Utilize the “Contact Us” page of the website, or call us at 1-866-841-7073. We’d be happy to discuss the best program for your needs.

Can my DSC be my realtor?

In some cases, yes! Coppergate employs DSCs from all walks of life, and it may be that they are also a licensed realtor. In such cases, we will be allocating them to you for all of your needs. However, if your DSC is not a licensed realtor, they will be working in conjunction with one of Coppergate’s Preferred Broker Network realtors. They will work in unison to meet your housing and settling-in needs.

Can my spouse contact Coppergate for assistance?

Absolutely! We encourage them to! We will be gaining details of your spouse in our initial counseling call, and with your permission, will be reaching out to them directly to support them through the relocation and settlement.

I am coming on a Pre Assignment visit. How much can I get done during this trip?

With Coppergate’s help – quite a lot! We will work with you during our initial counseling to understand your key priorities. Our aim is to show you as much as possible during your pre-arrival trip so that you can have a smoother relocation. Our aim, as a minimum, will be to complete: housing familiarization/needs, banking, schooling, pre-arrival meeting, and area orientation.

How will Coppergate help me get my government ID and driving license?

As part of you program of support, these two elements will be taken care of for you. Sit back and relax in the knowledge we will guide you through both of these processes, and ensure you are fully prepared for both of these requirements.

How can I get a survey form to complete?

Email us at with “Survey” in the title, and we’ll be happy to email you a copy. Alternatively, use your log-in as an existing transferee and follow the survey link.

I started working with a realtor prior to working with Coppergate, and I’m not happy with them. What do I do?

We would be delighted to allocate one of our Preferred Broker Network agents to you, who will do a great job of helping you find a place to call home. Talk to your DSC, and they’ll provide you with the most appropriate match.

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