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Finding the appropriate living arrangement is not an issue for Coppergate clients.

From assessing the transferee’s needs to completing the necessary closing steps, we make finding a new place to call home simple.

During the transferee’s initial needs assessment, our Destination Services Consultant will collect information to understand the family’s housing needs.

From this information, we will begin working with a Coppergate Preferred Broker Network Realtor, who will coordinate with the Consultant with real time updates on property selection and viewings.

Coppergate provides the transferee with an information package, familiarizing them with their new location, its unique neighborhood offerings, and points to consider, such as their office and school locations. It also addresses the local realty process, market conditions, legal requirements and more. This exceptional information walks them through the steps on deciding on a living arrangement in their new city, so there are no surprises for them.

Continued liaison and guidance surrounds the transferee during the lease or purchase process once the property has been identified.

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Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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