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It’s the highest standard of service, and it’s what each client can expect from Coppergate International.

We guide the transferee through the entire process. From pre-arrival needs assessment meetings, where we determine how we can personalize our services to fit their specific agenda, to orienting the transferee and family with everyday life in their new city and introducing them to networking and social opportunities.

Professional logistical guidance. Expertly coordinated travel plans. Fully stocked kitchens. It’s what transferees can expect from Coppergate International. And it’s what’s keeping transferees and clients more satisfied than ever with their Coppergate relocation experience.

Pre Arrival Assistance

The transferee has received their assignment and are bound to have questions. During this initial needs assessment session, we’ll determine their family details, schooling and housing requirements and more. By understanding their needs, Coppergate will be able to personalize our services for you. We’ll also provide materials to familiarize them with key details on:

  • local housing procedures
  • school options
  • foreign arrival procedures
  • banking options
  • checklists

The ultimate goal of this session is to determine what Coppergate can do for the transferee, and to affirm our support during their transfer.

Pre Arrival Assistance

The transferee shouldn’t have to spend valuable time organizing and managing their own trip. Let the Coppergate professionals handle it all. Each trip is customized to meet the needs of the transferee and their family. During this visit, the Coppergate consultant will:

  • orient the transferee with the area
  • lead them through home options
  • attend schooling appointments

Time is precious. Coppergate handles the transferee’s visit with precision to achieve maximum productivity.

Pre Arrival Assistance

Welcome! The transferee and their family arrived at their destination. Our Coppergate consultant will coordinate any changes in arrival date or flight times and meet them upon arrival. The family will then be escorted to their new home or initial residence, where we’ll assist them with check-in procedures. We’re also available to coordinate necessities before arrival, such as:

  • car seats for children
  • rental vehicles
  • stocked groceries

We strive to make the transferee’s arrival comfortable and accommodating.

Pre Arrival Assistance

Within 48 hours of arrival, our consultant will meet with the transferee to form the foundation for their first few weeks of support. It’s at this time that we’ll review the Relocation Guide with them and organize required appointments, such as obtaining a social security card, driver’s license, school choices, etc.

We will also look to understand how we can make the family more comfortable and at home in this new place. By learning more about how they enjoy spending their time, we can then make informed recommendations.

Coppergate proactively assists in helping transferees get to know their new city, feel at home, and take care of the logistics.

Pre Arrival Assistance

The settling in process for most transferees is a mixture of logistical requirements, along with the day-to-day tasks that are so easily taken for granted in their home country or state. We work to familiarize them with:

  • local shopping markets
  • local medical systems
  • grocery stores
  • bank accounts
  • networking
  • language skills

Our consultants hold the hands of the transferees, ensuring all the little elements that form the success of the big picture are taken care of.

Pre Arrival Assistance

A separate program is available for the time when a successful assignment comes to an end. A transferee moving home after a long period away or moving on to another assignment has a multitude of elements to manage. At Coppergate, we know it’s important to ensure the closing of their assignment is as successful as the opening.

That’s why we offer counseling and guidance for:

  • vacating property
  • closing utilities and accounts
  • transferring schools
  • We can also coordinate between the assignee and landlord, where required, and perform a walk-through of the property.

Coppergate handles all the loose ends that come with packing up to return home or to embark on the next adventure.

Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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