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Coppergate’s strong focus on alleviating transferees’ anxieties comes wrapped with a bow in our Relocation Guide.

Coppergate’s Relocation Guide is like a roadmap for transferees. It is the most comprehensive source for information about the relocation process and is personalized for the transferee’s new location. Even better, it’s accessible online 24/7, so transferees can always find answers to all their questions - even the ones they didn’t know they needed to ask yet!

There’s an incredible amount of information to be covered in preparation for a relocation, but Coppergate has formatted our guide in such a way as to not overwhelm the transferee. We deliver ‘bite sized chunks’ of pertinent information that are easy to digest.

In addition, our Destination Service Consultant walks the transferee through the guide step by step. The transferee can see everything that’s coming their way, but can relax because it’s being handled for them- one step at a time.

General topics covered in the guide include:

  • Education
  • Government Identification
  • Pre-Arrival
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Housing
  • Recreation

With specific topics, from their city’s government office locations to how to block telemarketers to currency information and tipping standards – this guide is a gold mine of information for the transferee.

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Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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