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Eric Lauret

Technical Advisor, Software Development
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the quality of the information Coppergate provides, through both your consultants and your website. Thanks to the information you provided, I managed to settle many important things prior to our arrival, like buying cars and opening a bank account, with the best possible conditions.

One of my colleagues moved from Brussels to Houston two years ago without your assistance, and he is still struggling to get credit to buy a house. Whereas for me, with the help of your information, it seems it’s not going to be complicated at all. I’m grateful to have Coppergate’s support.

Barry & Shelly Wilson

Transferred Employee
" My wife and I moved to Houston from the UK in October 2007. My company employed Coppergate International to assist us with the move and we couldn't have done it without them! The move was sudden and of course daunting, but with Coppergate's assistance and support it made the move easy. We purchased a house, set up all of our utilities, purchased two cars, obtained our Social Security and passed our driving tests, all of which we could not have achieved without Coppergate's contacts and advice. My wife in particular found the move difficult from a personal perspective, but Coppergate was always on hand to lend a shoulder to cry on or just to meet for a coffee and a chat. My wife was also put in touch with various coffee groups to help her meet other ex-pats who were in a similar situation. I would highly recommend Coppergate to anyone who is looking to make a similar move."

Cindy Ramirez

HR Supervisor, US Mobilization
“In my opinion, Coppergate International is number one for providing destination services. From the time I met with Coppergate and started doing business with them, I had every confidence our employees would be taken care of. Coppergate came to know our business needs and practices, which made a difference in helping our employees and families make a smooth transition into their new location.

It’s important our employees feel welcomed upon arrival and start of their new assignment, and that is why we choose Coppergate as our destination service provider. They are dependable, reliable and know what the employee will need before they arrive. I recommend Coppergate to any employer who is looking for a destination service company that will get the job done.”


Transferred Employee
Oil & Gas Industry
"I have nothing but praise for Coppergate and their services. I did not realize how daunting it was to come to a country where absolutely everything is done differently from your own home. Coppergate was there every confusing step of the way and anticipated, on my behalf, the steps I had not realized were there. I can honestly say that I could not have done it without them - I would have had a nervous breakdown!!! Thank you."

Paul E. Schmidt

Senior Human Resources Manager
“Coppergate International has been providing Cameron with unparalleled destination services since 2005. Their team of professionals supports Cameron’s transferees throughout the full relocation process and is genuinely committed to ensuring that each individual’s arrival is as stress-free as possible.

Coppergate’s full range of services and turnkey delivery provide Cameron with a reliable and administratively friendly business partner. Their continuing support through the transferee’s six-month post-settlement period is exceptionally beneficial. Cameron employees receive the best of care from the team at Coppergate.”

Why choose Coppergate International as your Expatriate service?
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