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What are the top three concerns consistently presented by transferees at pre-arrival stage?

Once the possibility of a relocation has been presented to an employee, the questions come quickly...and so do the concerns. As part of Coppergate’s support programs, our pre-arrival counseling aims to eradicate as many of these as possible. As a way of assisting this process, we thought we would share with you the most common areas of concern raised by transferees over the coming weeks and how you can play your part in easing the burden.

In no particular order, the main areas consistently presented are:

  • Housing
  • Banking
  • Medical

Today, we are going to concentrate on Medical.

Entering the US and navigating the medical system is one of the most frightening aspects of a transferee's transition into life here. If they are arriving from a country that has a centralized medical system, (such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom) it is an incredibly difficult adjustment to have to reach for your wallet each time you step into a doctor’s office. To ensure your transferees start off the right way for their medical requirements, our tips would be:

Don't simply provide the policy documentation and expect
the transferees to either

1. Understand it, or 2. Read it!

Most healthcare policies are long, laborious and confusing. The majority of transferees are not going to read through all of the documentation, and for the parts they do read, they are highly likely to be confused by terminology unfamiliar to them. We would suggest you:

  • Provide a guide to Medical Terminology to help them get started in their education.
  • Provide a crib sheet with key information: deductibles for doctor visits, the emergency room, prescriptions, claims procedures and more.
  • Guide them on the types of questions they need to ask of either HR or the healthcare provider directly to get the most out of their coverage.
Make sure they understand the different types of providers and places to go

Once the transferees understand the "In Network" versus "Out of Network" ethos of the most commonly provided healthcare coverage, it is important they are then educated on the types of care they can receive:

  • Provide details on the differences between, for example: Emergency Rooms versus Emergency Clinics, Family Practitioners versus Pediatric Doctors. Knowing where they should go and for what specifics will ensure they do not worry or stress over such decisions when they are needed.
  • Provide local information on where these facilities are located, in-particular emergency rooms that fall within their network.
Help with research on pre-existing conditions or upcoming requirements

Although confidentiality is important regarding personal medical details, if a transferee shares with you that a pre-existing condition is apparent or that medical care is likely to be needed within the first six months of arrival, you can:

  • Provide them with clear and concise details regarding the policy’s pre-existing conditions clauses. Present them with ways in which they can navigate the policy requirement to ensure their care continues effectively.
  • For upcoming requirements, such as the birth of a child, a crib sheet showing: how the process works, which hospitals they can choose from, what their out of pocket expenses are likely to be, and what they can expect from their medical care after the birth will greatly relieve anxiety.
In conclusion

With the health of your employees being paramount to the success of your business, the focus you give to Foreign National’s initial transition into the US Medical System will pay dividends over the course of their time here. Not only will it relieve the initial stress they will feel surrounding this element of their relocation, but also it will ensure their continued wellbeing, which ultimately provides you with happy, healthy and productive employees!

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