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Minimize Stress, Maximize Productivity

It’s difficult, if not impossible, for the transferee to perform to standard when their mind is anywhere but on the job at hand. Coppergate proactively manages their relocation matters, helping the transferee to remain focused on their assignment.

Before, during and after a relocation, Coppergate walks the transferee through the entire process. From determining their housing needs to finding a soccer league for the family¹s sports enthusiast, Coppergate takes care of the details, answers their questions and escorts them through the process. The transferee is assured that they and their family are being taken care of and the transition is going smoothly, while you are able to easily review their progress. Mimizing stress leads to
maximized performance in the workplace
and a better chance for a successful relocation.

What Sets Coppergate Apart?

97% of transferees surveyed by Coppergate International would recommend our services!

We evolve continuously, taking direct feedback into account, so we can pass along these insights to our clients and transferees and continually exceed your expectations. Throughout our two decades of providing relocation services, the clients and transferees we’ve supported have helped to contribute even more to what we know and to what we can offer you. Our evolving business offerings keep you and your transferees at the cutting edge of relocation services. Coppergate never stands still!

Some key advantages Coppergate will
provide to you as a client include:

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